April 24, 2008 Carderock Springs, Holmes Run Acres Virginia, Pine Spring Falls Church VA

The Post Remembers Francis D. Lethbridge

Francis Donald Lethbridge, one of D.C. leading modernist architect during the 1950s and ’60s who helped design Cardeorck Springs, Holmes Run Acres, Pine Spring among other contemporary neighborhoods, died last week at the age of 87. The Washington Post ran a lenghty obituary today on the contributions to local architecture scene Lethbridge made during his career here in D.C.

Here’s a great quote from Lethbridge:

“The whole idea of contemporary design was so new in Washington that Nick [Satterlee] and I had to write the ads and the brochure to explain what we were trying to do,” Mr. Lethbridge said in 1974. “I guess we succeeded, because the printer of the brochure went out the next day after setting it and bought a house in Holmes Run.”