October 14, 2007 Alexandria Virginia, Charles Goodman, Hollin Hills Virginia, Virginia

Three New Goodman Listings in Hollin Hills

Here are three new listings of Charles Goodman-designed homes in Hollin Hills in Alexandria. I see at least six Hollin Hills Goodman homes currently on the market.

1953 4/2 – $799k – This Goodman (top picture) has been expanded to fit in the with original design, according to the listing. The price has dropped from $825K. Here’s the address.

1968 4/3 – $799K – This one has a granite and stainless steel kitchen, if that’s your thing. Th eprice dropped from $825K. Located here.

1956 4/2 – $669K – Looks like this one (second picture above) has the original blue kitchen cabinets and appliances. Dropped from $719K. Located here.