January 31, 2013 Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Townhouse in Columbia by Hugh Newell Jacobsen – $400K

Hugh Newell Jacobsen

If you are a fan of the architecture of Hugh Newell Jacobsen, FAIA, but have a more modest budget, take a look at this 1970 townhouse in Columbia I found listed for $400K. Part of the 54-unit lakefront community of Tidesfall in the village of Wild Lake, Jacobsen’s modernist design won several honors, including an award for Excellence in Apartment Design by Architectural Record. “The hard edge forms of white stucco against the sky, with shadows cast by projecting wings, offer maximum privacy for each house — which I hope expresses a vitality compatible with the spirit of Columbia,” Jacobsen said in an August 5, 1969, press release about the community.

I think some of the furniture by Hugh and Simon Jacobsen that make up the Jacobsen Architecture collection at ARCHER would fit nicely into this space.