December 9, 2014 New Mark Commons Rockville MD

Contemporaries in New Mark Commons in Rockville

The modernist  totem pole marks the entrance to New Mark Commons, a mid-century modern oasis not far from the hustle and bustle of Rockville Pike. The wooded community, a Planned Urban Development of single-family homes and townhouses, was developed by Edmund J. Bennett and designed by the  modern architectural firm of Keyes, Lethbridge and Condon. “In making his case for New Mark Commons, Bennett condemned typical suburban developments that caused ‘destructive alteration of the natural terrain and vegetation,'” writes Steven Snapp on the Peerless Rockville site. “So, before setting lot lines, Bennett conducted a census of all trees on the property. Then, to preserve as many as possible, the lines were drawn around the trees. Greenways for walking and bicycling were planned and remain popular features of the neighborhood. The crowning glory was to be a 4.5-acre lake, the scenic and recreational centerpiece of the neighborhood.”

Here are two listings for single-family homes built in the early 1970s. Both homes have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. One is listed for $595K while the other is on the market for $599,900.