April 1, 2012 Bauhaus

WashPost on the Bauhaus of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Bauhaus
The Washington Post travel section this weekend had a nice feature on the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv. I just wished the piece in the paper and online had more images of the buildings. (You can see more images from my recent trip earlier this year and a previous trip.) I do like how writer JoAnn Greco ends her story:

“Spying a coffee shop at the base of a squat apartment building that struggled for recognition from behind black scrawls and overgrown weeds, I decided to take a break. A young woman stood in the doorway, and I asked her whether she lived in the building. ‘No, but I used to live over there,’ she responded, gesturing to another white building down the block. When I asked her what it was like living in a Bauhaus building, she praised the ceiling heights, the cross ventilation, the light. When I asked whether it mattered that the building had architectural significance, she replied, ‘Of course it matters. The Bauhaus is Tel Aviv.'”