September 22, 2017 Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright-Like Usonian House in Great Falls – $1.050 Million

Theodore Van Fossen, a disciple Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic Usonian architecture who studied at the New Bauhaus school in Chicago in the late 1930s, is best known for designing Rush Creek Village in Worthington, Ohio, 12 miles north of Columbus. The National Register of Historic Places-listed neighborhood comprises 50 Wright-inspired Usonian homes on one acre lots. Van Fossen had worked as a builder and furniture maker on two Wright projects in 1939 and 1940. Van Fossen died at the age of 91 in December 2010.

One of the custom homes van Fossen designed is in Great Falls on a private five acre lot. The 4 bed/3 bath 1,493 square-foot home was built in 1977. The owner who had the home built wanted a home with a Japanese design aesthetic. It is currently listed for $1.05 million. The price includes the custom Wright-like furniture and built-ins.

Many agents today describe almost any mid-century house as being like a Frank Lloyd Wright design. This is the real deal.