A mid-century modern home in Palm Springs.

January 21, 2018 Mid-Century Modern

WSJ: ‘Midcentury Modern Cult’

“The Midcentury Modern Cult.” That is the headline on the print version of this story, which appeared in Friday’s Wall Street Journal. The online version of the piece, which covers the demand for mid-century modern homes, is a bit more tame. “Midcentury Modern architecture—a catch-all term that encompasses a wide range of styles, from Bauhaus-inspired glass houses to the California ranch home—has gained cultish popularity in recent decades,” writes Amy Gamerman. “For devotees, the classic Atomic Age house—picture a compact geometric design, an open-plan living space and a lot of glass—is as much an art object as a place to call home. But with their modest square footage, outdated kitchens and often idiosyncratic layout, classic Midcentury Modern homes can be a challenge to actually live in. Homeowners face a dilemma: How to modernize a modernist house without diluting its distinctive features? And where are they going to put all their stuff?”